Komelon 7425IM 25'/7.5M x 1" Inch/Metric Magnetic MagGrip Tape Measure

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Nylon Coated Steel Blade

25'/7.5m x 1"

  • Magnetic end hook
  • Nylon coated blade with inch/metric read
  • Rubber jacket to protect case and end hook

The MagGrip is the tape measure that changed the industry as it introduced the magnetic tip. More than 10 years ago Komelon was the first to offer the innovative magnetic tip and we did it with the MagGrip. This 25' x 1'' inch/metric scale tape measure fits perfectly in the users hand and is protected by a thick rubber jacket. The flared end hook will stick to any metallic surface with its strong magnets and the large read numbers on the blade are protected by Komelon's nylon coating. The MagGrip has proven durability throughout its lifetime and will continue to serve you for many years to come.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review