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Driltec SDS-Plus Bits for Concrete and Rebar


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Product Overview

SDS-Plus Carbide Bit is designed for continuous drilling through concrete with embedded rebar and steel. This bit will save you time and labor of having to change out bits every time you encounter the rebar and/or steel decking. Important: Before drilling rebar please consult a structural design engineer/architect for approval.

  • Solid-Cross-Configuration of ADX carbide head.
  • Firm and secured carbide embedment with flank side reinforcements.
  • Generous spiral flute entrance geometry for fast drill dust evacuation.
  • Blow-back prevention through sub-trac spiral flute design.
  • Noise damping effect due to ADX drill-head design.
  • Significantly reduced “arm-hand-vibration” due to ADX multi-cutter head design.
  • Unsurpassed drilling performance in concrete and stone and yes, embedded rebar and metal concrete deck.
  • Made in Germany.

Drilling Tips

  • Consult power tool manual before using Rotary Hammer.
  • Assure safe footing and all other safety measures before attempting to use power tool.
  • Use Rotary Hammer in hammer drill mode!
  • When encountering rebar/steel apply firm steady pressure.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review